“Every surface is different and situations dictate the rule on primers.  Should you need to seal water and fire damage, waterproof cinderblock, or have another difficult painting situation, we have the appropriate primer to ensure your project remains durable and attractive for years to come.”

Old Masters

龙8客户端下载“For those who need an expanded color offering, including custom matches, as well as high quality penetrating oils and finishing waxes, The Paint Store at AW Meyer carries several lines of products from Old Masters and Watco.”

Level 360

龙8客户端下载“Surface preparation is 95% of the job.  The Paint Store at AW Meyer knows this and stocks many common, and unique sanding products to help you achieve the smooth, high quality finish you and your clients expect from a paint job well done.”

Interior Paint

龙8客户端下载“Our store is well stocked with a broad range of interior paints for every project and budget.  Come in today and speak with our expert to determine which paint system is best for you!”

Paint Brushes

龙8客户端下载 “We stock a diverse variety of brushes from Purdy, Wooster, and Picasso to suit your individual project. Need a high quality brush that will give you sharp lines every time?  We have that!  Need inexpensive, throw-away brushes we have that as well as everything in between!”


“Beyond simply beautifying a surface, the Paint Store at AW Meyer offers a variety of coatings that protect the structural integrity of your project.”


龙8客户端下载“Add a unique look to your home or office with our offering of fine metallic paints, magnetic primers, and faux finish glazes and more!”

Exterior Paint

“Protect and enhance the look of your home or commercial building with high quality exterior coatings from Benjamin Moore.  Offering paints for virtually any surface, these time-tested products will bring years of resilience while creating an attractive finished look.”

Floor Paint

龙8客户端下载“We walk on them, we drive on them. We drop heavy items, and spill our beverages on them.  Day to day life is tough on floors.  That’s why we stock a strong mix of floor-specific coatings.  Because weather you want a slip resistant, exterior staircase, a new look to your garage,  or to clean up and protect a warehouse floor, we have the right product for your project.”


龙8客户端下载“The Paint Store at AW Meyer stocks a range of specialty coatings for everything from corrosion resistant alkyds to intumescent, fire-retardant paint and electrostatic coatings.  Call or visit us today to discuss your project.”


龙8客户端下载“Do you build custom furniture or cabinets?  The Paint Store at AW Meyer carries wood finishing products from Lenmar, a Benjamin Moore company.  We have traditional solvent-borne lacquers for the professional working in a manufacturing environment, as well as water-based products that exceed Kitchen Cabinet Manufactures Association standards.”


“Wood workers and floor refinishers love the color options and availability of Minwax Stains.  The Paint Store at AW Meyer carries your favorite Minwax colors in half-pints, quarts, and gallons along with a range of polyurethanes to protect and enhance your finished result.”

Paint Strippers

“There are times when we look at that old set of kitchen cabinets or front door and wonder how many layers of paint are hiding the natural beauty of the wood underneath.  Why buy everything new when you can strip the old coatings off and refinish what you already have?  The Paint Store at AW Meyer carries multiple lines of paint strippers and related materials to help you unlock the hidden beauty of your previously painted items.”

Peel Away

龙8客户端下载“Peel Away paint strippers offer a powerful, yet environmentally friendly way to remove old coatings while keeping both you and the environment free of unwanted chemical agents.”


龙8客户端下载“Let’s talk applicators.  Have a small area that needs touching up?  Want an ultra-smooth finish to a rolled-on paint?  Maybe you have a very tight spot that needs painting or you simply hate putting up tape to paint?  Not to worry!  The Paint Store at AW Meyer has all the applicators you need to get your project done quickly and easily!”

Smart Strip

“There are those of us who will use whatever is handy and cheapest.  And then there are those of us who want to ensure that the products we use are safe for us and our family without losing any performance.  That’s why The Paint Store at AW Meyer carries products like the eco-friendly Smart Strip line.”